In the Mouth of a Decaying Empire (2008)
David Gustafsson and Sebastian Tomczak.

Under standard milkcrate conditions.



David and Seb present a very heavy-weight milkcrate session title 'In the Mouth of a Decaying Empire'. Weighing in at over two hours long, the theme for this session was 'Water and things that manipulate the state and path of water'.

The output for this session is an interesting mix of music, from black metal to IDM and drum and bass, from pop and ambience and noise to pseudo-appropriated music.


Archive Download
In the Mouth of a Decaying Empire (167MB)

Individual Track Download
Your Life as a Frozen Lake
The Frozen Wastes
Over the Icy Peaks
Ice Breaker
The Dawn Tide
The Grand Armada
Through the Heaving Seas
The Peat Bog
Sunshower & Rainbow
I Was Thirsty
Hydrogen and Oxygen
An Unforgiving Desert
The Creek Ran Dry