Call the Doctor (2007)
Vinny Bhagat, Skye Brown, Poppi Doser, Maria Fava, Tristan Louth-Robins, Justin Phelps and Sebastian Tomczak.

Under standard milkcrate conditions.


The eighteenth milkcrate session featured a number of veteran 'craters as well as newcomers Vinny Bhagat, Poppi Doser and Maria Fava. A successful session, Call the Doctor has the longest musical output of any milkcrate to date. As usual, there were a number of styles and influences that can be heard in the outcome.

Special thanks to Christian Haines and the Electronic Music Unit, University of Adelaide.


MP3 Downloads
Monster Chew (2:27)
And I Stand Above Buildings (1:37)
Falmouth (2:10)
Snowdonia (3:10)
The Stairwell Ambience (Part A) (11:21)
The Stairwell Ambience (Part B) (0:45)
Cindy's Last Absynthe (0:44)
Foil Rag (1:58)
Mechanical Tang (4:25)
One Set Of Words For (0:37)
Unpredictable Animals (4:25)
Cross the Rubicon (7:09)
The King's Mind (4:19)
Principalities (3:27)
Mad Forest III (3:26)
Future World (2:49)
Daedalos (0:32)
64 On The Floor (2:02)
Bass Ballad (4:35)
Meet My Monsters (4:15)
String Theory (2:34)
Untitled (3:05)
Sorgenti (7:03)
A Polite Conversation (1:06)
Another Polite Conversation (1:10)
Trashbat (1:36)
ASDF (1:36)
More Polite Conversations (3:50)
Dirty Dirt (1:44)