Six Appeal (2007)
Alice Keath, Alexander Mitchell, Tristan Louth-Robins, Sebastian Tomczak, Martin Victory and Damian West.

Under standard milkcrate conditions.



After the limited restrictions imposed in the previous three sessions, Six Appeal marks a return to traditional milkcrate values. Newcomer Alice Keath joins five milkcrate veterans as they once again have to think inside the square.

With a mix of natural, unprocessed sounds and highly processed single-sample material, this milkcrate session presents a wide variety of musical output - from b-grade movie soundtracks to middle eastern metal solos and from chiptune inspired music to 90's euro techno and sound art, a number of tastes are catered for.


MP3 Downloads
Churchy (1:12)
Flock of Starlings (2:00)
Intermezzo (2:52)
Untitled (1:09)
Your Duty (Part A)