The Seed (2007)
Jordan Bang, David Gustafsson, Alex Mitchell, Justin Phelps, Lauren Sutter, Sebastian Tomczak, Martin Victory and Damian West.

Using a constrictive internet audio pool with only a single sound source.


A single sample recorded from cutting a section of garden wire was used as a sound source for this entire session. Very specific rules were used to determine which files were allowed to be edited. An exact naming convention was also used.

Each group or individual had a number associated with it. After downloading a file from the audio pool and editing it / mixing it / decomposing it or composing with it etc., the group or individual added their unique number to the end of the filename and uploaded the newly created file.

For example, if Tom's number is 2 and he has just edited 0.mp3, he will upload the new file as 02.mp3. Now, if John is number 1 and he has just edited 02.mp3, his new contribution will be called 021.mp3.

An important fact is that a group or individual was not allowed to edit the same file twice or edit a file that ends in their number. Combination of multiple files into a single, newly created audio / piece / whatever was also allowed so long as they did not break the aforementioned rule. The naming convention is more complex in this case. If Tom (2) wishes to create a new piece using 01.mp3 and 013.mp3, then his newly created file will be called (01+013)2.mp3. Now, if John (1) wishes to edit this new file, the result will be called (01+013)21.mp3.

The grouping was as follows:

  • 0 = Sample Seed
  • 1 = Martin Victory
  • 2 = David Gustafsson, Lauren Sutter and Sebastian Tomczak
  • 3 = Jordan Bang and Justin Phelps
  • 4 = Damian West
  • 5 = Alexander Mitchell

This session boasts the most audio tracks and the longest overall time for any milkcrate to date. A wide range of styles are present in the outcome - influences range from ambient noise, modern electronic music, eighties power metal, sixteen bit video game music, euro trash techno and early synthesis techniques.


MP3 Downloads
(01+02+03+05)4 (1:18)
(02+03)1 (1:36)
015 (2:18)
023532 (2:02)
0125353 (1:29)