The Easter Special (2006)
Tyrell Blackburn, Rohan Fraser, David Gustafsson, Alexander Mitchell, Sebastian Tomczak, and Damian West.

Under standard milkcrate conditions.


This session was held at the Electronic Music Unit, University of Adelaide., and featured a wide variety and high quantity of musical output. In contrast to every other milkcrate that went before, The Easter Special had no groups, only individuals. However, the shared track was among the most successful to date.

This session was also the first to make use of Tales from the Crate, the milkcrate blog. Posts were made as the session progressed.

MP3 Downloads
Yo Ragamuffin (final group track) (1:06)
Rotten Rat Sundae (1:54)
Milkshake (1:15)
Easter Bunny Theme Song (1:15)
Keeping Yourself Together (3:30)
Swampface (2:24)
Cavernous (0:52)