Milkcrate Six (2006)
Skye Brown, David Gustafsson, Tristan Louth-Robins, Tony Marshall, Hayley Miller, Alex Mitchell, Lauren Sutter, Seb Tomczak, Martin Victory and Damian West.

Under standard milkcrate conditions.


After the additional constraints found in milkcrates' four (I Can't Believe It's Not Milkcrate) and five ($13.48 Or Shop 'Til You 'Crate), this session saw a return to the 'classic' milkcrate format. Weighing in at one hour / thirty-two tracks in length, Milkcrate Six was indeed a mammoth session. Not only were there more than twice as many people participating than the previous average number, but more music was produced than ever before.

MP3 Downloads
1up! (0:39)
Glisten (0:33)
I 'Heart' Dopamine (0:53)
Let's Get Distorted (3:56)
PANick Attack (2:34)
Steel and Glass (4:55)
Vast Legions At Your Command (2:28)