$13.48 Or Shop 'Til You 'Crate (2006)
Skye Brown, Tristan Louth-Robins, Hayley Miller, Seb Tomczak, Martin Victory and Damian West.

Using only materials bought on a budget of $13.48 each at a local super market.


Setting out with a modest budget of only $13.48 each, six 'craters rummaged through a local supermarket with only thirteen minutes and forty-eight seconds to choose the inventory they would be making music with for the next twenty-four hours.

MP3 Downloads
Apathy (0:47)
Cities Of Pain (1:31)
Bvak (2:54)
Carnal Pivot (1:38)
Estrangement (1:20)
Scrabble Original (0:58)
They Live (I Broke My Neck On The Dancefloor Version) (1:27)