Up Late With Milkcrate (2005)
Tristan Louth-Robins, Kyriakkos Pitrakkos, Seb Tomczak and Damian West.

Under standard milkcrate conditions.


Up Late With Milkcrate features, once again, a wide variety of material- with diverse inspiration from the likes of ambient music composer Brian Eno, Balinese Gamelan music, rap group Cypress Hill, Euro-techno, the dark and theatrical imagery of Tom Waits and minimalist composer Terry Riley.

Special thanks to Anna Austin, for the use of her lovely home as a venue for this session.

MP3 Downloads
MC-07 (0:29)
MC-08 (0:56)

MC-10 (0:42)
Post (0:53)
Post Bass (2:56)

Repetitive Commands (4:14)