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Mildura Wentworth Arts Festival
In Victoria, Australia, from 24th February until 18th March, 2006. Featured a screening of Milkcrate Six on March 11 at the Theatre Club, from 10:30pm. Thanks to Kim Chalmers.


Electronic Music Unit, Adelaide University
A high quality institution if there ever was one, I Can't Believe It's Not Milkcrate and Milkcrate Six screened here on February 1st, 2006. Thanks to Christian Haines.


ASME (SA) Chapter
The South Australian chapter of the Australian Society for Music Education puts on a Young Composers Award each year, with a number of categories. In 2004, Milkcrate won the section for Advanced Ensemble. Thanks to Steven Millar and Stephen Whittington.



Relevant External Links

Milkcrate Digest


Crap Art: Album-A-Day
Contains a list of albums that have been written in one day. Includes some MP3 files.


Project 168
Participants are asked to write and produce an e.p. in 168 hours (one week).


Individual's Links

Bang, Jordan
Bhagat, Vinny
Blackburn, Tyrell
Brown, Skye
Campregher, Christoph
Doser, Poppi
Easson, Brent
Fava, Maria
Fraser, Rohan
Gustafsson, David
Keath, Alice
Kober, Thomas
Linscott, Michael
Louth-Robins, Tristan
Marshall, Tony
Miller, Hayley
Mitchell, Alexander
Phelps, Justin
Pitrakkos, Kyriakkos
Sutter, Lauren
Tomczak, Sebastian
Victory, Martin
West, Damian